Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I know, it's been a while. I keep thinking I should blog. And I have a bit, over at the Off Shore In Ecuador blog that I share with Nani. But those blogs are really about our Ecuadorian experience. And this blog was supposed to be for anything else. And every time that I think that I might have something I feel like blogging about, I don't bother. So, apparently, I didn't really want to blog about it after all.

I am not sure that what I am about to blog about is "blog-worthy" or not. But, here I am so let's see....

The question on my mind is this. Do we (the 6 billion plus of us that live on the planet), deep down inside, really believe in love or not? It is a fundamental question in my mind. Because if we don't, well, we're f&$^ed. But if we do....

Even if 50.000001% of us really do, deep down under all the bullshit, then we're tipping the scale, right? I mean, we're "winning". And if we're winning doesn't that mean that all that is wrong with the world, and we all see it, is slowly on it's way out? In other words - we will have the world that we all want. One with pure love. No more games - just raw truth.

And if that world is coming shouldn't that make us smile just a little bit more each day? And, when we smile those near us will see it and a few of them will feel a nice warm feeling inside. And they smile. And then maybe there are 50.000002% of us. And this will in turn make a few more people smile, and a few more believe again. The entire thing accelerates faster & faster, gaining speed until it hits infinity - and at that very moment we have consciously, intentionally, created the future we want.

And all we did was just smile a little bit more.

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