Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I just got back from a trip to Barnes & Noble. I love books. Just the idea of a book to me is really cool. When you look at a book you're looking at a bunch of knowledge. Even if it's a novel there is the knowledge of the adventure inside. Thousands of hours of ideas, creativity, work, concepts, and knowledge all smashed in to a few hundred pages. And all you have to do is pick it up and read it for that knowledge to be yours (that's the hard part, actually reading the book).

There's too much information floating around in a book store for my pea brain to digest. Rows and rows of books shelves with book after book. All these titles and pictures flying at me from everywhere. I always walk out in a daze. I think I try to consume too much while I'm there. I don't want to miss anything, constantly scanning, logging, digesting...

Maybe someday we'll be able to download a book in a few seconds like in the Matrix. I'm not sure I'd feel the same way about a book then. Maybe part of the reason it's so appealing to me is the fact that there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. It is grand because of it's pure volume.

But if that where true I'd have the same feelings about idiots. Which I don't.
I thought it was about time for me to check out this blogging stuff. Been reading about it in the news for a while. Decided to do a little homework and found myself getting totally engaged in other people's blogs. Blogs about this and that. Very intriging. So, here I am.